Arm And Leg Stretching

Everyone desires to look perfect with their perfect physique. The fitter and healthier you look, the happier you will feel. The areas of the person’s body that they do not like and are uncomfortable with, generally affect the psychology negatively and lower their self-confidence. Especially when it comes to problems such as sagging in the body, the person is greatly affected by this situation. The sagging in the arm and thigh area caused by excessive weight gain and loss and some factors can end with arm & leg stretching operation. No one wants to have deformities and defects on their body. Especially sagging in the arm and thigh area are among the most frequently encountered problems. Today, the main reason for this is to lose excess weight, and another reason is the weakening of the muscles and accumulation of fat after reaching a certain age. In arm & leg stretching surgery, excess fat tissue and excess skin are removed to obtain a more aesthetic appearance. At this stage, necessary examinations should be carried out, taking into account the body characteristics of the patient. With the liposuction method, it is easily applied in the arm and thigh area where there is no excessive lubrication and sagging is not observed much. A perfect appearance is obtained in the focus of the stretching process performed afterwards. After this method, arm and leg exercises should be done regularly. Depending on the age, the degree of lubrication and sagging in the region, our specialist doctors decide which method to apply. Stretching is the most effective solution for problems such as cracks and sagging in the thigh area.

Rubbing of the legs against each other, rash formation and in some cases wounds caused by nappy rash are observed. The stretching operation, which plays a major role in preventing such situations, is performed in the most aesthetic way by Doctor Zen Clinic’s professional and expert team. You can achieve a young and firm look with arm & leg stretching operation. We guarantee that you will get rid of excess oils and take on an elegant aura. In addition, it is possible to get rid of disturbing images such as cellulite with the procedure we will perform. Our doctors offer solution-oriented answers to their requests, problems and complaints by taking care of their patients one by one before and after the operation. Since the arm and thigh area has a movable muscle structure, a corset should be worn after the surgery. It will be correct to remove it in a short time, not to lift heavy for a while and not to make sudden movements in the next stage.

Doctor Zen Clinic has achieved various successes in arm & leg stretching operations performed in a sterile hospital environment. Looking perfect is no longer impossible! Because Doctor Zen Clinic applies the best and most accurate solution to the areas of the body where each individual complains, with the various operations it performs within the scope of its specialist doctors with the developing technology. He reflects his experience gained over many years to all of his operations. Our team, who cares deeply about your health and aesthetic appearance, knows no boundaries in terms of service. If you want to shape the areas of your body that you are uncomfortable with in the focus of various aesthetic operations and look attractive, you can experience the privilege of Doctor Zen Clinic with peace of mind. We invite you to our clinic as soon as possible to get information about our services and to contact us.

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