Breast Implant

Breast Implant

Every woman wants to achieve a flawless appearance with her physique. The ratio between the bust, waist and hips should show compatibility within itself. The most effective rule of looking attractive is undoubtedly the correct body proportions. It is the biggest dream of women especially to have erect and full breasts. Breast implant, also called breast augmentation, is the method applied to fill the breast after mastectomy in the treatment of breast cancer. At this point, Doctor Zen Clinic promises you perfect breasts with its specialist doctors and long years of experience.

The breast, which is one of the most important areas in the body, is one of the effective elements of a perfect physique, focusing on your attractive appearance. For those who complain about small breasts, the most accurate method will be a breast implant. Through this operation, as Doctor Zen Clinic, we guarantee you full breasts in the size you want. Our specialist surgeons, while performing the aesthetic surgery with great care, show a solution-oriented approach by handling the details in the process with all the details. For those who are wondering how the breast implant is applied, we aim to give you the most accurate and clear answer by writing this article. Breast implant procedure is applied to women with small breasts with fat injection. Implants in silicone structure are placed under the breast / under the muscle / in the double-dual plane.

The reason why silicone ones are generally used as implant types is that they give the feeling of natural breast tissue. If your breasts have lost volume in cases such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss, you can have fuller and upright breasts with a breast implant. While deciding on the shape of the implant, the person’s body structure, skin characteristics and the shape of the rib cage are the details that should be considered. Our specialist surgeons in our clinic start the operation by performing various examinations and analyzes in the focus of all these details.

. Your preferences and the expert opinions of our doctors come together to make a decision. The most preferred implant shapes are those in drop and round form. Natural appearance of the breast is the most important criterion for breast implants. With the privilege of Doctor Zen, it is possible to achieve perfect breasts in a natural image focus, completely free from artificiality. Breasts, which have gained the meaning of being a symbol of femininity, have an important place in terms of aesthetic appearance. Implants filled with silicone gel are generally used in breast augmentation surgeries. If you are complaining about your breast size being small, this application is for you! As Doctor Zen Clinic, we perform breast implant surgery, which takes an average of 90 minutes, in line with its professionalism and experience. Our doctors, who deal with the complaints and requests of the patients before and after the operation, find solution-oriented answers to your requests. With the aesthetics we will perform, we help you to take on an attractive perfection in the focus of your eye-catching breasts. Like every woman, you have full and erect breasts! We welcome you to our page as soon as possible to get information about breast implants and to contact us.

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