Endodontic Treatment (Root Canal Treatments)

Root canal treatment is the most accurate and healthiest method of relieving tooth-induced pain and keeping natural teeth in the mouth. When inflammation or infection develops in the roots of the teeth, root canal treatment is required for these problems. During the root canal treatment procedure; The pulp (pulp) in the tooth is removed by our Endodontics Specialist doctor; Tooth decay is cleaned and the canals of the teeth are disinfected and shaped, and finally, the root of the tooth and the visible part of the tooth are filled with special filling materials separately, and a successful operation is performed.

In which situations do we apply root canal treatment at Doctor Zen Clinic?

When we detect that the soft tissue in the pulp and root canals is inflamed or infected after the examination we performed in our clinic, we need the application of root canal treatment. Clinical situations that require root canal treatment can be listed as follows:

  • Deep bruises
  • Pulp inflammation that develops after many operative procedures applied to the tooth
  • Inadequate quality of filling or crown restoration
  • Fractures and cracks in the tooth

Also, an accident causing pulp damage in the tooth; Visible fracture line or unnoticeable cracks in the tooth may cause infection over time. If the inflamed or infected pulp is not treated; It causes serious dental problems such as pain and abscess formation.

Teeth have a very important role in preserving beauty and physical strength and energy. With endodontic treatment (root canal treatment), the teeth are kept in the mouth, the natural smile is preserved, the function of the teeth is provided; Natural teeth are of course one of the most important organs that ensure survival by eating healthily. With proper oral care and regular dentist controls, many teeth that have undergone root canal treatment can maintain their function in the most efficient way throughout their life.

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