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    Genital AestheticsGenital aesthetics can be defined as aesthetic operations performed on the genital area related to the sexual organs in women. The structure of genital aesthetic operations can be listed as follows;

    • Vagen Large lips (Labiummajus)
    • Small lips (Labiumminus)
    • Hymen (Hymen)
    • The upper part of the lips (Monspubis)

    The physical genital appearance of a woman may cause her to exclude herself from her sexual life, for example; physical impairment can prevent the individual from having an orgasm. Another dissatisfaction is the stitch marks left by the episiotomy (surgical incision applied to make the baby come out easier), especially in the first birth. The scar tissue that develops here can prevent the sexual satisfaction of both men and women.


    Another common problem in women is impairment during vaginal delivery. These are vaginal bolaring and loosening due to the stretching of the tissues formed in the vaginal area of ​​the individual and the subsequent failure to return to their normal state. Vaginal tightening operation can be performed to correct this situation. Vaginal tightening or vaginal aesthetic operation is a surgical application to increase the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

    Relaxation in the vagina is the relaxation, expansion and sagging of muscles and soft tissues as a result of structural or post-natal trauma. Excess tissue is removed to correct this situation; the loosened muscle tissue is narrowed and sutured. After the operation, the patient can return to his normal life 2-3 days later.


    Many women are afraid to even tell in themselves that they don’t like their own genitals. One of the most common problems we encounter in this regard is that the labiums, which are called small lips, are too large or asymmetrical. The large appearance of labia can disturb the individual in terms of physical appearance. The size of the inner lips can also cause problems during cleaning after the sink. Aesthetic surgery performed to correct this problem is called labiaplasty.

    With this operation, labiums are reduced in the required amount. However, it is necessary to be very sensitive and careful while performing this operation. The operation performed should not spoil the aesthetics of the vagina by name. Another important problem is that the labiums may stretch during sexual intercourse, which can cause pain. Excessive drooping or misshapen labiums can cause a feeling of embarrassment, frigidity or dysfunction. Labiaplasty operation can be performed to correct this situation. Labiaplasty surgery is performed under local anesthesia. The operation ends within 30 minutes to 1 hour. After the operation, there is no damage to the hymen, no urination problem, no harm in conceiving or giving birth. In addition, as melting stitches are used, no stitch marks are left. Wound healing takes up to a week and then healing is completed. Sexual intercourse is prohibited for up to a month in order to maintain a healthy continuity after the operation.

    Another genital operation is the process of filling the outer labia majora. For this reason, fat-skin tissue taken from another part of the body can be used for this procedure. This adipose tissue may disappear intensely or completely within an average of one year. Skin-adipose tissue may be a little more permanent. With clitoris-directed interventions, sexual satisfaction can be facilitated and sexual health of people can be improved, especially by reducing the excess skin on it.

    Hymen repair (hymen repair)

    The hymen is a very thin membrane located 1-2 cm inside the vaginal entrance and containing one or more holes, depending on the individual. The Hymen is of great importance in some societies as evidence of virginity. It is thought that this thin membrane-like structure protects the vagina and uterus against infections that may come from outside. However, the hymen may not be congenital in some women or it may be torn due to some sports activities. Apart from this, one of the reasons for the rupture of the hymen occurs as a result of sexual intercourse. It is possible to repair or suture the hymen or hymen surgically. In this surgery, if the patient is suitable, residual parts of the membrane are used or the patient’s own local tissues can be used. The hymen is a minor surgical procedure and takes about 30 minutes. Patients can return to work the next day. The area where the hymen operation is performed heals completely in the 6th week and normal sexual life can be started from this period. With the special methods we apply as Doctor Zen Clinic, using the patient’s own tissues, a permanent hymen repair is performed, which is very close to the original, that does not open or tear until the next sexual intercourse. Since dissolving stitches are used in the operation, the problem of taking stitches does not occur. After the operation, the patient can return to his normal life immediately. You should only follow your doctor’s recommendations in terms of postoperative cleaning.

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