Implant Treatment

What is an implant?

What we call dental implant or dental implant; They are products in the form of screws or roots made of titanium, which are placed in the lower or upper jaw bones and we want the bone to fuse around this application and accept it as a piece of itself.

How is an implant done?

Dental implants; It is a surgical operation. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Do not worry, it is sufficient to only numb the area to be implanted, that is, local anesthesia.

First, a hole is made in the jawbone to be implanted. This hole should be in the proper position, diameter and length for the thread. Since implant placement is a surgical procedure, the quality of the materials used and the sterilization and hygiene conditions of the environment must be provided correctly. Especially for male patients, the absence of a beard and mustache should be made special.


What is the duration of implant treatment?

implant treatment is sufficient for 1 week in Doctor Zen Clinic. With the self-melting suture, the treatment can be completed in 1 day, but in this case, prosthesis that you can use temporarily cannot be made. The first stage of your treatment is implant treatment, the second stage is the porcelain or porcelains (for example; if All on Four is to be made), which will be placed on the implant screw after 3 to 6 months.

Can implants be made in every patient and every age group?

Implant treatment can be applied after the bone structure suitability is evaluated with a Panoramic X-ray (X-RAY) in all patients who have completed the growth and development period and have a good general health. Implant treatment can be applied if your chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure or heart are under control.

What is done in cases of bone deficiency in the area where the implant will be applied?

Sometimes there may not be an appropriate amount of bone in implant treatment for various reasons, in such cases, after a careful examination and evaluation by our jaw surgeon, bone formation procedures (augmentation, bone graft application, bone powder application, augmentation with box technique) can be performed in the relevant area and the bone volume can be increased to the desired dimensions.

What is Sinus Lifting?

In cases where implant treatment in the sinus cavities of the upper jaw is not accepted, it is the process of placing bone graft / powder into the sinus cavity and making these areas suitable for implant treatment.

Can implant be done immediately after our tooth extraction?

In most cases, if the bone structure in the area to be implanted is suitable, implant treatment can be performed very easily immediately after tooth extraction. In some cases, the implant is supported by adding bone powder at the implant site after this procedure.

There are many implant brands. Is brand important in implants?

Today, there are many implant brands because implant treatment is used very often. The fact that so many implant brands have been in the market for a long time has brought a lot of experience. Therefore, companies reflect this experience to their implants and ensure that the implants serve in the best way. It is important to have quality certified products that the treating physician trusts, knows and experiences.

I have a dentist fear. Can I have my implant treatment done by being put to sleep?

Sedation is the process of your treatments applied by our General Anesthesiologist. However, unlike general anesthesia, you do not need to stay in the hospital after the treatment and the side effects are very few compared to general anesthesia. With sedation, your treatments are easily performed while you are sleeping, and your entire treatment is completed when you wake up.

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