Lazerli Diş Tedavisi

Laser Assisted Dental Treatment

One of the most modern dental and gum treatments that is frequently used in dentistry is laser-assisted treatment. Laser device is defined as light amplification by stimulated radiation emission. Laser is non-ionizing light and does not accumulate in tissue. For this reason, it does not have a damaging feature like x-rays. This device, built on the principles of quantum mechanics, is one of the most preferred methods in the health sector as well as in many sectors. Laser energy, which was previously used only in tooth whitening and soft tissue operations in the field of dentistry, is now used in many processes from the treatment of tooth and gum diseases to dental aesthetics with the development of new hard tissue lasers. Especially in dental treatments, this method is used to break the tissue by vaporizing the water molecules in the tissues. It is a method that can be used by anyone, including pregnant women, children and heart patients.

How We Perform Laser Teeth Treatment?

Laser is one of the most preferred methods in gum treatments, caries treatments, root canal treatments. In root canal treatments, we provide laser shaping and sterilization in canals. Against the pain that may occur during this time, the teeth can be numbed with the special technique of the laser without the need for an injection. As a good sterilization is provided while performing root canal treatment, recovery is also rapid. Roughening is done with laser to remove decays on teeth and to make composite fillings stick to teeth more strongly. The biggest advantage of laser decay removal is that the vibration and discomfort caused by rotating tools does not occur. Since laser devices work by vaporizing the tissue they are applied to, while the bruise is removed, our patients do not feel discomfort or pain.

What is Laser Implant Application?

As Doctor Zen Clinic, we take three-dimensional tomography of the patient before laser implant application. Thus, we can have detailed information about the width and depth of the bone tissue where the implant will be placed. In some stages of implant applications, we use laser to open the gums. In this way, it is possible to intervene without bleeding without incision and without stitches. We also call this method as laser implant application.

What is Laser Filling? How is it done?

The laser filling method, which is called composite in medical language, is also defined as aesthetic filling. This process is not applied with real laser beam! There are halogen or LED light devices adjusted to a specific wavelength in order to make the actual applied composite material harder. The real dental laser Delight works on hard tissue and does not affect soft tissue. Thus, the loss of healthy tissue is prevented and we get a healthier result. Especially with the treatment technologies developed in recent years, our patients prefer laser fillings that are much better in terms of durability, aesthetics and health. Since laser filling can be performed in one session, it is considered a much more advantageous procedure in terms of time. After the application, the teeth can easily continue their normal functions.

Can AFT and Herpes Also Be Treated With Laser?

Herpes, also called herpetic lesions, usually heal on their own within a few days and disappear spontaneously. However, if it is painful or uncomfortable, it can also be treated. Laser treatment is considered to be the most effective method to get rid of herpes at this point. When the possibility of herpes is felt, we can make an appointment immediately and prevent it from being treated. If it is desired to be treated after removal, we reduce the discomfort by drying the laser herpes and enable the area to heal faster. We can accelerate the healing process by drying the gum disease called aphthae with the same methods.

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