Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

A perfect physique is the greatest desire of every woman. It is not as difficult as it seems in today’s conditions to bring your femininity to the fore and get an eye-catching look. The most basic element of having a fit and attractive body starts with getting rid of the fat in the abdomen. At this point, the most appropriate solution would be a tummy tuck operation. Tightening the abdominal wall muscles in the focus of removing excess skin and fat tissues in the abdomen is called tummy tuck. Every woman can complain about certain parts of her body.

Some problems, especially in the abdominal region, reduce the motivation of the person and cause a lack of self-confidence. Cracks and sagging that occur after birth are among these types of problems. Dr. Zen Clinic puts an end to sagging problems that occur as a result of excessive weight gain and loss with the perfect tummy tuck operation. The stretching process applied to your deformed abdominal area allows you to have a flat and perfect abdomen. In this way, the sagging skin appearance is eliminated, excess fat is removed and the cracks located under the belly button are eliminated.

Especially after pregnancy, the connective tissue in the abdominal wall loosens and creates a forward protrusion over time. With abdominal stretching, swelling and cracks are eliminated. The details in the operation process are handled with all the details with the expertise of our clinic, and the most accurate solution is reached. It will not be possible to achieve effective results in methods such as excess skin in your abdomen, diet and sports. This problem will reach the desired result if the sagging abdominal skin is recovered and excess fat is removed.

Abdominoplasty is the definitive and most effective method in such cases. Although the duration of the operation differs from person to person, it takes 3-4 hours on average. In people with a large abdomen, this period may be a little longer. Mini tummy tuck operation is performed in patients with milder sagging, cracks and looseness problems. This procedure takes place in a shorter time, such as 1-1.5 hours, compared to normal tummy tuck surgery. The area of the patient’s abdomen, the condition of the abdominal muscles and the suture technique are among the details that guide the operation time.

Doctor Zen Clinic has achieved great success in all the operations it has carried out in a sterile hospital environment with its many years of experience. It deals with the health and psychology of its patients with all its subtleties, allowing them to achieve an aesthetic appearance. In case of a possible problem after the surgery, we aim to leave our clinic happy with the most effective and correct solutions. We welcome you to our page as soon as possible to have information about many operations such as tummy tuck and to review our services. Do not forget that a flawless appearance is the desire of every woman, experience the perfect service with the privilege of Doctor Zen!

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